This blog aims to document MY journey and may provide some insight for others who are on a similar path. I am now a Primal Health Coach, which this journey has led me to.

I was a sickly kid. I got pretty much everything that went around. Had my tonsils out at the age of 4 due to recurrent tonsillitis (they grew back by the time I was 17!), but I was still sickly and skinny. My mother had serious issues with my food consumption. She took me to the doctor often about my lack of appetite. His attitude was: “if she eats a slice of bread, drinks a glass of milk and eats fruit each day she’ll be okay” which my mother took literally. I hated the taste and smell of milk, so she doused it with Nesquik. I hated bread because she used margarine and she insisted I had to have the awful stuff – dry bread was my preference, and I always loved fruit.

In my final year of school two things happened. I had weekly diarrhoea; and ended up in hospital with a ‘barking cough’ (yes, it literally sounded like a dog) which lasted for 3+ months. I had all sorts of tests done and was eventually diagnosed with ‘nerves’ and ‘disliking school’ which they said caused IBS. Years later I was diagnosed with a lactose intolerance. During that final year of school my then boyfriend liked pizza and ice-cream on Sunday nights …. Diarrhoea on Monday morning if you’re lactose intolerant. And the cough was later determined to be the start of a parasitic infestation.

After leaving school my weight yoyoed constantly and I always felt ill. I had headaches and constant and recurring nausea. My stomach was often upset and went from diarrhoea to constipation. I had a constant fuggy feeling in my head.

I gained 26kg’s with my first pregnancy, and all went well with that one. Only gained 13kg’s with the second (although I hadn’t lost a heap from the first) but had kidney infections from the 5th month – 7 in total – and had a low birth weight baby. I suffered from depression both before marriage and post baby number 2. By my early 30’s I just felt crap. No energy, overweight, flabby, unfit and constantly having headaches, nausea, stomach aches etc.

I went to see a dietician after my second baby and she put me on a low-fat diet. I lost lots of weight and started exercising, running my first half marathon a couple of years later. The weight was now under control, but I was still feeling crappy.

A friend recommended I see a kinesiologist. This was quite a freaky process with this guy swinging a pendulum around and ‘asking’ my body questions. I’d not told him anything, other than my symptoms and he determined that something had happened at the age of 17 which had ended up in a parasitic infestation (remember the cough)! He told me that sugar is poison to my body and that I had a leaky gut and many food intolerances which would mostly heal when my gut was healed. He put me on the candida diet and prescribed a whole heap of herbal and chemical worm and parasite medication. He said I’d feel like crap for 2 – 3 weeks while the candida and other nasties died off and then I’d start to feel great. And he was right. I felt like absolute crap for 3 weeks and then rapidly started to feel great, and lost 8kg’s. Eventually he said that my gut was healed, and I should continue to stay away from sugar, but all other intolerances were sorted.

We moved to Australia about 5 years later, and slowly the crappy feelings started to return as my diet got out of control again and I returned to eating grains and sugar – foggy head, gastric issues, ‘hangover’ feeling when not drinking. Physically I suffered from constant headaches and nausea, lack of energy, lethargy, foggy head, sore muscles, sore joints, stomach upset and aches, horrible periods, as well as moodiness, depression, and tiredness.

I had to go back to South Africa in 2013 for an extended period and everyone over there was ‘banting’ following the Tim Noakes LCHF program. I watched a YouTube clip of Noakes being interviewed on ‘the new skinny’ and what he said made sense, so I gave it a go. I went through about a week of carb flu and then started to feel really good. I slowly became fat adapted and noticed the difference in endurance training – I could run forever on little fuel. I had more energy than a Duracell bunny, the arthritis in my toes and my constant Achilles tendonitis felt better. But when I had any sugar, my toes hurt, and the tendonitis flared up.

I’ve been LCHF for about 5 years now. I do fall off the wagon occasionally, but it’s only for a couple of days and then I feel so crappy that I’m straight back on. I’ve gone as low as full keto, which works well, but is hard to stick with 100%. I’ve also found that dairy is not my friend and seems to keep the weight on.

I found a LCHF nutritionist because I felt I needed help fuelling for Ironman, and she put me onto the book ‘Primal Endurance’. As mentioned, I’d been LCHF for years. I’d also been transitioning to barefoot for a while. When I read ‘Primal Endurance’ I had an immense feeling that I’d found my tribe. It all made so much sense, and I immediately switched to low HR training.

I’ve been passionate about this lifestyle since I started eating LCHF. I’ve had an interest in health and fitness but being part of the Primal family has given me the motivation to want to ‘spread the love’. I’d love to help more people find the path to true health and wellness by simply changing what they put into their mouths and how they move.

Since been LCHF I’ve lost weight, my body shape has changed, my big bum that I’ve had for my whole life is now envied by my daughters’ friends because it’s now a shapely bum. I’ve gone back to Uni and have just started my PhD. I wouldn’t have been able to do that pre-LCHF with the foggy brain I had. And I’m now an accredited Primal Health Coach.

General good health and wellbeing is freely available. It’s about going back to basics, eating food that nature intended moving and enjoying life!

Why I should coach you?

I’m creative, enthusiastic and organised with a big picture mindset. I’ve suffered my own health issues: gut health and allergies from a young age. I’ve tried all sorts of diets over the years and realised that they just don’t work. Changing the way you live is the key, and it’s really not as hard as you think. Remember that it’s taken years of abusing your body to get it into the state that it’s in, so getting it healthy won’t be quick – there is no quick fix. But following a lifestyle encompassing your ultimate gene expression will get you back on track with relative ease.